Structural Audit

Structural Audit of Old Buildings is very important. The general health and performance of a building depends on its quality of maintenance. As a building grows old, ageing, use (or misuse) and exposure to the environment can affect the health of the building significantly. Therefore, it is advisable to monitor it periodically by taking a professional opinion. Structural Audit is a preliminary technical survey of a building to assess its general health as a civil engineering structure. It is usually initiated as the first step for repair. This is similar to the periodic health checkup recommended for older people.

When to do Structural Audit ?

Model byelaw no. 77 specifies Structural Audit as a mandatory (necessary and binding) requirement. It stipulates that if the age of a building is 15 to 30 years, Structural Audit must be carried out once in 5 years and for buildings older than 30 years it should be carried out once in 3 years. You may, however, go for it even earlier if you suspect the condition of your building to be bad

How is it carried out ?

Structural Audit is commissioned by appointing a Consulting Structural Engineer registered with the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC). The Consultant carries out as a visual survey of the building covering its faces, stilts, staircase, terrace, flats, shops and ancillary structures such as pump room, compound wall, etc. Repair history of the building and specific observations/ experiences of the members are also noted. Critical observations, probable causes of distress, remarks on structural health and recommendations for further action are given in the Structural Audit Report.

Why Structural Audit / Status Report ?
  • Exact details of distress at columns/beams/slabs (cover or core) 25%-50%-75% shown in colors.
  • Useful for loan application to bank, useful for insurance claim.
  • Additional proof of sound structure before purchase or sale flat
  • Members can understand the exact status/condition of their individual flat
  • Easier to convince, to get co-operation and fund from members
  • To produce if required by registrar or BMC or ant other Govt. Dept
  • Helps contractors to understand the exact nature of distress before touching the structure for repairs, so chances of increasing the work/cost is minimum.
  • Even members can visualize the extent of repairs during work and can experience
  • The condition of water distribution and water protection system also forms part of structural status report.
  • Cost effective solutions and specification will give full justice to your contributed amount.(every single rupee of yours should be put to good use)
  • It has remedial measures
  • Estimated repair cost priorities are taken care
  • On the strength of authentic reports even after some years if problem arises you can contact consultants or contractor for rectifications
  • Consultants involvement in repairs (proper planning-systematic/methodical repairs) improves the work –effectiveness by 95%.
List of Structural Engineers registered with NMMC:
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